side1.jpgOver the past seventeen years City Contractors has completed over $80 million dollars worth of watermain, firemain and fittings throughout the Auckland region. The following are our areas of expertise:

-          Watermain renewals particularly in difficult areas or congested services 
-          Pressure reducing valves and zone isolations
-          Rising mains
-          Transmission pipelines or bulk feeder mains
-          Connections of all types from 50mm to 450mm

-          Under Presssure Tapping


IMG_1232.JPG     City Contractors work with all leading Fire  Contractors and install new ring mains, supplies to
     new and existing building and upgrading of existing external fire systems. 
     These include - new fire mains from public mains to buildings

      - back flow prevention units

      - strainers and reflux valves

      - inground and above ground pitts and cages

      - fully management connection application process with WaterCare



side2.jpgInitially City Contractors was established to carry out 2/3 of  Auckland Councils footpath renewal programme.  With our experience in project management and a loyal sub-contractor base we have completed numerous roading projects from private driveway crossing renewals to full road rehabilitation and stabilisation. Our experience and resources enable us to tackle a range of roading projects and are a preferred service provider for Auckland Council for car parks and minor road upgrading projects.

City Contractors have teams available to carry out hand laid asphalt and concrete projects, having had over seventeen years experience completing works of this type in Auckland.



side4.jpgCity Contractors have a long history with Auckland Council – Parks Department and have completed all types of park upgrading projects over 40-50 parks throughout Auckland.  These have been diverse and have involved the restoration of the war fortifications on Bastion Point, installation of extensive cycleways and major soft landscaping projects.  We have a strong relationship with Auckland Council Arborists, Archaeologist’s, local Iwi and have a good understanding of the significance of these parties.